solitary birthday confinement


Now I was thinking that a Birthday gift should be a happy, joyous event. So when I arrived at work today and was confronted with this horrendous site, I didn’t have that normal happy feeling. I mean look at this picture! Can you see the FEAR in my eyes!! Being forced to work at desk, all day…ALL DAY!! I was trapped. Nowhere to go thanks to the high security masking tape bars, covered with static causing balloons that cause my hair to stand up for hours on end!! THE HORROR! This was an experience my friends. AND LOOK AT THE MOCKERY ON THE WALL! Happy Birthday you ask. OH NO! CRAAAAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY. This burns as if it was a Scarlet A. Oh the faces I had to witness all day..staring…pointing…laughing at my pain. And the pictures of my family, the only thing to see to keep my sanity, guarded by huge wafer thin streamers…OH THE HUMANITY. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! 

It’s cool now. My thanks to everyone!


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