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This one is for yesterday (again) Song Recommendations: The Shadowlands, Love Is Hell, This House Is Not For Sale, Hotel Chelsea Nights, Political Scientist, Wonderwall, Afraid Not Scared, City Rain City Streets This was the re-release of Love Is Hell. It first came out as 2 separate EPs. I’m also pretty sure that “Anybody Wanna […]

This one is for yesterday Song Recommendations: Never There, Sheep Go To Heaven, Let Me Go, Hem Of Your Garment, Guitar, Satan Is My Motor Who doesn’t like cake? Especially yellow cake, mmmmm, with chocolate icing right! Oh wait–FUNFETTI Cake! With Funfetti icing. Awesome! COOKIE CAKE–YES!!!!! OK hold on a sec, I must go on […]

Song Recommendations: Army of Ancients, Uncovering The Old, The Rabbit The Bat and the Reindeer, Hang On, The Old Days, From I had never heard of this band, although they’ve been around for a few years. Relatively unknown, until they started touring with My Morning Jacket and The Strokes. I noticed a review of this […]

the big 7-0.


        My dad turns 70 today. You’d never guess it if you met him. He and my mom always had that goin’ for them. I hope I’m the same when I get to that point in my life. Of course I still get that “what’s this kid trying to pull” look whenever I […]

1. Amos Lee – “Arms Of A Woman”: Some slow soulful depressing music. Good stuff. 2. Marvin Gaye – “Right On”: Some upbeat soulful uplifting music. Good stuff. 3. Foreigner – “I Want To Know What Love Is”: After listening to this song about five times today, I realize that I only like the first […]

This one is for yesterday Song Recommendations: Pachuca Sunrise, Drilling, The Pig War, The Fix, Hooray I like this band alright. They’ve got some talent. They sound a lot like a more mellow Incubus. The use of guitars and electronics along with a interesting beats gives Minus The Bear their sound. Honestly it gets kindof […]

Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal Well I didn’t get to contribute to the new opening weekend sales record of 158 mil (eat that Spiderman!), but I finally got to see it “tonight”. Could there have been any more hype for a movie. I mean the build up was incredible. I have […]