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For Monday Song Recommendations: Greedy Fly, Bonedriven, Straigh No Chaser, Mouth, Swallowed, Tendency To Start Fires, Personal Holloway The second and not quite as succesful second album from Bush. I will always remember the video for Greedy Fly as being semi-nightmarish. I also like the different side to Bush. The two songs with the string […]

I’ve added one more to the mix to make it 15. (I had 15 lines on my post-it that I write the mixes on and that extra line was bothering me, so) 1. The National – “Squalor Victoria”: Again, this dude’s voice will put you in a trance. It really makes the band. 2. Rock […]

Song Recommendations: Domino, Brown Eyed Girl, Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile), Baby Please Don’t Go, Wild Night, And It Stoned Me, Gloria, Warm Love, Sweet Thing, Here Comes The Night Another classic musician that I have always liked but have never owned an album. I’ve always been a fan, but never […]

For Monday Song Recommendations: Ghost Under Rocks, Oh La, Suspended In Gaffa, A Manner To Act, Dying Is Fine Yet another indie band I know. But I really DO recommend this one. They were apparently just discovered within the last year playing bars and frat houses at Syracuse University. Known for their energetic shows. A […]

1. My Morning Jacket – “Aluminum Park”: This song shows why I’m a fan of this band. Rockin song that just makes you nod your head at certain points. 2. Pinback – “Good To Sea”: Very cool indie song. I need to get some more of this band. They are quite good. 3. Sufjan Stevens […]

Song Recommendations: Alright, Be Wary Of A Woman, All I Want, Forever Road, Learn To Live I actually had 2 other albums I wanted to put up today, but due to technical difficulties, were down to Darius Rucker. Not Hootie & The Blowfish Darius Rucker. Not R&B Smooth Darius Rucker. This is stuck-in-a-TenderCrisp-Bacon-Cheddar-Ranch-chicken-sandwich-Burger-King-ad Darius Rucker. […]

Song Recommendations: Life Is Beautiful, Traffic Jam, Tearing Me Apart, Paper Cuts, Billion Tons Of Light, You & Me This band has a dumb name, but don’t let that fool ya. They are pretty good. Very catchy. They sound identical to Snow Patrol. It’s weird. They are a little more consistent. I think this is […]