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Starring: Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman OK I don’t have a lot this one. It was a random rental, based on the cast alone. I will rent anything with Jennif…excuse me…Morgan Freeman. So this one popped up on the ol’ Blockbuster search and here it was. It was OK. Not horrible, but not great. […]

If there’s one thing that’s usually consistent for seeing movies in theaters for me, it’s seeing Pixar movies. I believe I have seen all but one of the Pixars in the theaters, with the exception being Ratatouille (which I thought was great, but it was last summer). So I’ve been ready for the yearly Pixar […]

To be honest, I didn’t rent this one for my love of history, a beautiful romance, or a dramatic tale. No, no, no. It was b/c it has Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Duh. So I usually don’t go for these old historic ones unless it involves William Wallace. But I was surprised that it […]

Song Recommendations: It’s A Hit, The Scene Is Dead, Inaction, Cash Cow, What’s The Word, Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt For some reason I thought these guys were from the UK, but apparently its California. Close, but not at all. They’ve been together since 2000. They sound a lot like The Killers and Hot Hot Heat, but a […]

1. Asobi Seksu – “Red Sea”: Pretty cool sound on this song. Kindof like a dreamy-rock pop sound. I like the guitar towards the end. 2. Ludovico Einaudi – “Andare”: I believe this is the first “classical” song I have put on the Thursday mix. It’s mainly piano. It was a free iTunes download last […]

OK, this is my new favorite show of the summer. Is there anything funnier than people eating it badly on an impossible obstacle course on national tv? NO! ABC’s Wipeout premiered last night, and I watched people take on some crazy courses, and pay dearly for it.  It’s based on that Japanese gameshow that used […]

Song Recommendations: Family Tree, Commerce TX, Falling, Wasted & Ready, How It Should Be (Sha Sha), Walk On Me I got this album from the library a few years ago. I copied it onto my computer and “forgot” to delete it. Whoops! Anyways, Ben Kweller. Ah yes. Ben Kweller. This was his first album. Sounds […]