Starring: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph

Well this one finally made it to Greenville. I wasn’t sure that it would. Because it was indie, and mostly because I really wanted to see it. The trailer for this one really sold me. It had the feeling about it. Not sure how to describe it. Good actors. Sorta funny cute story. Great music. Somethin’ about it. It had that feeling when I first saw the trailer for Garden State. Also similarly, a Juno feel. A hunch I guess. I’ve always been a fan of John Krasinski. I was surprised to see Maya Rudolph in a semi-serious role. Plus it was a Sam Mendes film (Road To Perdition, American Beauty). So I listed to possible be the best movie of the summer. The movie is good. No camparison to Up. But good still. It’s basically the journey of these two characters trying to decide where to live, and the experience with all the various characters they meet. It has good themes. It’s a little slow, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed it. A good off-beat dramady. Reminds me of Dan In Real Life kindof. I recommend it, but you could probably wait til rental. In the meantime you should check out Alexi Murdoch, who did the music of the film. Very mellow, but very good. Overall, I was satisfied.

Overall Rating: 4 Prus



Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifanakis

Another pruMUST in the bag. I actually saw this one a few weeks ago, in Charlotte at a super fancy theater called Epicenter Theatres (check it out at Anyways, so I was really worried that the trailer for this one would spoil it, because it was hilarious (the trailer that is). But they kept showing more and more, and I had to stop watching everytime it would come on. I thought it would be like what I hear happened to Land of the Lost. The previews spoiled all the funny parts. (btw b/c of this news, Land of the Lost is now removed from my pruMUST list). I’m here to say that yes parts were spoiled for my, but it did not matter–The Hangover was awesome. Hilarity! Probably the most I had laughed since I saw Superbad a few years ago (ironically at a theater in Atlanta that was similar to the one in Charlotte–maybe that’s where all the funny movies are–in fancy theaters–sounds like a conspiracy!!). Anyways, I hear the ladies love their man Bradley Cooper. I personally don’t see it. He’s cool I guess, but goofy. But hey. Ed Helms (from The Office) was funny, but noone compared to Zach Galifanakis. That Jaquin Phoenix look-a-like (current crazy Jaquin, not Walk Hard Jaquin) was freakin hilarious! Also to top it off, and I won’t spoil it completely, The Dan Band made an appearance. Who??? The Dan Band was the wedding band from Old School. Oh yes. Awkward for everyone. Hilarity. Overall, I was not dissappointed. Very funny. A little raunchy, but not as bad as I was expecting. Definitely worth checking out. Funny funny.

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Prus

pru-review: Up



Starring: Ed Asner

Let me start off by saying I was actually hoping to see Away We Go this weekend, but I was mistaken about when it was released. So on Sunday we were like we might as well go see the new Pixar. Honestly I wasn’t too excited about this one for some reason. The preview looked just OK to me. The talking dog looked funny, but that’s about it. So I wasn’t expecting much. But man! It was AWESOME — Amazing — Loved it!! It blew me away how good it was. Jumps to the top 3 Pixar movies in my mind. First of all the graphics were incredible. Probably better than Wall•E, which is a beautiful film. Mainly the story was excellent. A great, heartfelt story. It was funny and action-packed as usual, but this was had some really teary parts. If you don’t tear up a little at some point during this movie, you need to see a doctor. To balance that emotion, it had plenty of funny. The talking dog was hilarious, as well as the bird. Ed Asner was fantastic, and the kid did a great job as well. I HIGHLY recommend that you see this. Now I didn’t see the 3D version, but I hear its awesome. And if you are worried about getting motion sick, my brother-in-law gets motion sick very easily and he said it didn’t bother him at all. So. But check it out soon, b/c this weekend has 3 big ones (well, in my opinion anyways)–The Hangover, Land of the Lost, and Away We Go

Overall Rating: 5 Prus!!!


Starring: Christian Bale (no relation), Sam Worthington (not the guy from Law & Order)

So my second pruMUST comes out and I see it on opening weekend. Man! I’m on my game this year. My thanks to my wife for giving me permission to go see it with her brother. It was not nearly as crowded as I would have thought. Probably because of a few things. One of which, it’s Memorial Day weekend. The other being that many people probably saw the last Terminator, and figured another 2 hours of misery wasn’t worth their money. But I would ask these people, “did you see the preview?”. It looked badass! And it was. It was pretty badass. It’s gonna be a great blu-ray for all you home stereo fanatics out there. It was action packed. Not a lot of downtime. A few iffy spots here and there, but a great MAN film. Yeh, many chicks out there might like it, probably mostly for Christian Bale (again, no relation), but its pretty much a MAN film. Now it’s not like it’s Predator or the original Die Hard, I wouldn’t put it on that level of manliness, but still a MAN film none-the-less. But you guys need to push the whole Christian Bale part to get your lady-friend to go. It’s worth it. Speaking of Christian Bale, I kept trying to figure out what was the scene where he went bananas on the sound guy. If you have not heard this rant, here is a hilarious version off Family Guy: ( . So once again, a successful movie. I definitely recommend seeing in the theaters, unless you have an unbelievable home theater and can wait it out. But if not, go to the theater my friends.

Overall Rating: 4 Prus


Starring: Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor

I’m starting out pretty well. Week 3 of the summer movie season and I’ve been twice already. This one was not one of my pruMUSTs, pruHOPEs or even one of my pruWHAs. It was one that I was gonna pass on this time. I base this on my DaVinci Code experience. A decent movie…I later found out, after my wife explained the entire movie to me. I was lost the entire time. If you know me, you know I do not read. I’d love to, but I don’t. So I had not given in to the hype on either of these books. Because of this, combined with my DaVinci Code experience, I figured I’d skip out on the ol’ Angels & Demons. I was especially worried when Rotten Tomatos gave it a lousy 37% approval. But my wife read both books and was super excited, so we went. And to my surprise, it was pretty decent. Not confusing. Action packed. And a decent plot. I guess ol’ Opie got the message to not make this film like the last. It kindof had a National Treasure vibe to it. Different clues leading to different spots, with an unbelievable time crunch. Throw in a few curveballs and I was pretty entertained. Andy Griffith would be proud. It’s no Oscar winner, but it keeps your attention. Overall it was surprisingly pretty good, and would recommend seeing it.

Overall Rating: 3 1/2 Prus


Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana

Fresh off my Summer Movie Pruview, I’m already here for my first Pruview of the summer season.Not only is it the first real blockbuster of the summer season (sorry Hugh Jackman fans), it just so happens to be my numero uno pruMUST on that list, Star Trek. So how did it go??? ROCKED! It was grand. A great way to start a whole new series of Star Trek. As I mentioned I have little experience in Star Trek, I used to watch Star Trek Enterprise because it put me to sleep and I’ve seen both Trekkies documentaries (which are hysterical btw). But it did not matter. My boy, J.J. Abrams opened a whole new outlook on the story. I do want to thank the casting director for casting Chris Pine (who???) as Captain Kirk, because if you didn’t, my wife would not have attended the movie. Also the casting of Sylar (from Heroes) as Spock was spot on. Also Simon Pegg played a great part too. Very well done. Not boring. Great action and effects. I predict that no other movie will be better this summer, it will be tough to beat. So I highly recommend for anyone, except my friend Brad Turner.

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Prus

fitness freak


As of about a month ago, I did pretty much zero excercise. I’m sure many of you can relate. I mean I did practically nothing. Mowing the lawn was pretty much it. Every year since…well…every year, I did the ol’ New Years Resolution of I’m gonna get fit. Queue loser sound from Price Is Right. So randomly we got an email at work to run in a 5K race to represent the company. So I thought it would be hilarious if I ran it without any training at all. So that’s exactly what I did. I did not train, showed up, “ran” the thing, and I’m still alive, somehow. Every other day since then I have “run” (I’m quoting it b/c it’s hardly running, if fact I’m pretty sure its slower than walking) about 3 miles around my neighborhood. This is crazy for me. But inspiration came from somewhere. I guess I miss the endurance I had as a kid. I could play sports all day, and never stop to rest. Where did that go? I’m trying to find it. And I’m getting there…slowly. 

So tomorrow, I will embark on my official first 5K (b/c I trained this time) in TR. The Swamp Rabbit 5K. A truly southern event. The cool part is I’ll be running it with a lot of my coworkers. I believe I have inspired them. Not on purpose of course, but I think I accidentally pulled the ol’ “if Christian can do it, surely I can”. So that’s good. It’s good for me too. I’m liking it so far. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow night though.