hd+xbr+$+bbuy,sc+:)+:(+gas+bbuy,nc = yippee, finalee


Yeah, if you had asked me Saturday around lunchtime what my thoughts were on getting an HDTV, I would have said (in fact I did say to Sarah) “Nah…we don’t need it…we’d have to buy another piece of furniture…we’d have to upgrade our service to hd…we’d have to get a blu-ray…plus we already have a nice “non-hd” tv”. Then my dad wanted to go browse some tvs at Tweeter. (Let me preface this by mentioning that I had been to Best Buy on Thursday “just to look”. I was really checking on my favorite tv…the Sony Bravia XBR. It was on this day that I noticed that they had dropped the price to $1500 from $2500. This sounds like a lot, but this TV is BADASS. But at the time I was like “That’s nuts” but I never thought about actually purchasing it) So we walk into Tweeter and I see their XBR standing out among the other mere mortal tvs as angels sung and light shined down upon it. I mention to the sales guy Best Buy’s price on this tv and he laughs and offers me $2000, so I do the same and we leave. So we head over to the Buy that’s the Best, “just for fun” (Another side note, my dad and I have been browsing HDTVs for over 50 years). So we see The Greatness in the TV section and out of curiosity I ask how many they have, and I was told one. So I went home. Sat around for 3 hours. Then it hit me. It was a Wayne’s World moment–a “It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine” kinda moment. Sarah was out so I waited for her to get home. I fly over the Bestest Buy, with my Pops, and we find the same girl I talked to earlier and said the magic words “I’LL TAKE IT!!” and she gave me that smile. The “Yeeeaaah, we sold that one” smile. In my head I’m like “CRAAAPPPP”, but I say “CRAPPPP!”. But then she tells me they are trying to locate another one for another customer that had come in like 5 minutes before I did. And they got one…for him. So it will happen for me right. He did try, but they were out in SC & NC (according to this guy). So they closed. Disappointment much. I am not out of the fight. Sunday morning, I get up and start lining up the numbers of the Best Buys around. 11:30 hits, BOOM I’m on the phone with Anderson (sold out), Spartanburg (sold out), Gastonia (sold out), Asheville South (sold out), Charlotte (sold out), Columbia (sold out), Asheville North (ONE LEFT!!!!!–put on hold NOW). So I drive up to Asheville, go to the tvs, say I’m hear to pick up my tv. They go to the back, come out and ask me again for my name. He goes to the back, comes out and says its reserved for someone else. So I was about to snap, and they got the chick that I talked to and they discover that it was reserved for some guy in May, so I’m pretty sure he missed out on gettin that one. So PHEW! What a ride. All is good. I am very happy about my new greatness.


One Response to “hd+xbr+$+bbuy,sc+:)+:(+gas+bbuy,nc = yippee, finalee”

  1. i hope david doesn’t read this… he will want one as well…. nice bday present dude.

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