pru-review: Terminator Salvation



Starring: Christian Bale (no relation), Sam Worthington (not the guy from Law & Order)

So my second pruMUST comes out and I see it on opening weekend. Man! I’m on my game this year. My thanks to my wife for giving me permission to go see it with her brother. It was not nearly as crowded as I would have thought. Probably because of a few things. One of which, it’s Memorial Day weekend. The other being that many people probably saw the last Terminator, and figured another 2 hours of misery wasn’t worth their money. But I would ask these people, “did you see the preview?”. It looked badass! And it was. It was pretty badass. It’s gonna be a great blu-ray for all you home stereo fanatics out there. It was action packed. Not a lot of downtime. A few iffy spots here and there, but a great MAN film. Yeh, many chicks out there might like it, probably mostly for Christian Bale (again, no relation), but its pretty much a MAN film. Now it’s not like it’s Predator or the original Die Hard, I wouldn’t put it on that level of manliness, but still a MAN film none-the-less. But you guys need to push the whole Christian Bale part to get your lady-friend to go. It’s worth it. Speaking of Christian Bale, I kept trying to figure out what was the scene where he went bananas on the sound guy. If you have not heard this rant, here is a hilarious version off Family Guy: ( . So once again, a successful movie. I definitely recommend seeing in the theaters, unless you have an unbelievable home theater and can wait it out. But if not, go to the theater my friends.

Overall Rating: 4 Prus


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