pru-review: Away We Go



Starring: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph

Well this one finally made it to Greenville. I wasn’t sure that it would. Because it was indie, and mostly because I really wanted to see it. The trailer for this one really sold me. It had the feeling about it. Not sure how to describe it. Good actors. Sorta funny cute story. Great music. Somethin’ about it. It had that feeling when I first saw the trailer for Garden State. Also similarly, a Juno feel. A hunch I guess. I’ve always been a fan of John Krasinski. I was surprised to see Maya Rudolph in a semi-serious role. Plus it was a Sam Mendes film (Road To Perdition, American Beauty). So I listed to possible be the best movie of the summer. The movie is good. No camparison to Up. But good still. It’s basically the journey of these two characters trying to decide where to live, and the experience with all the various characters they meet. It has good themes. It’s a little slow, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed it. A good off-beat dramady. Reminds me of Dan In Real Life kindof. I recommend it, but you could probably wait til rental. In the meantime you should check out Alexi Murdoch, who did the music of the film. Very mellow, but very good. Overall, I was satisfied.

Overall Rating: 4 Prus


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