pru-review: Up



Starring: Ed Asner

Let me start off by saying I was actually hoping to see Away We Go this weekend, but I was mistaken about when it was released. So on Sunday we were like we might as well go see the new Pixar. Honestly I wasn’t too excited about this one for some reason. The preview looked just OK to me. The talking dog looked funny, but that’s about it. So I wasn’t expecting much. But man! It was AWESOME — Amazing — Loved it!! It blew me away how good it was. Jumps to the top 3 Pixar movies in my mind. First of all the graphics were incredible. Probably better than Wall•E, which is a beautiful film. Mainly the story was excellent. A great, heartfelt story. It was funny and action-packed as usual, but this was had some really teary parts. If you don’t tear up a little at some point during this movie, you need to see a doctor. To balance that emotion, it had plenty of funny. The talking dog was hilarious, as well as the bird. Ed Asner was fantastic, and the kid did a great job as well. I HIGHLY recommend that you see this. Now I didn’t see the 3D version, but I hear its awesome. And if you are worried about getting motion sick, my brother-in-law gets motion sick very easily and he said it didn’t bother him at all. So. But check it out soon, b/c this weekend has 3 big ones (well, in my opinion anyways)–The Hangover, Land of the Lost, and Away We Go

Overall Rating: 5 Prus!!!


One Response to “pru-review: Up”

  1. 1 lawalker

    i agree…. LOVED THIS MOVIE. and yes, i cried too.

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