pru-review: Star Trek



Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana

Fresh off my Summer Movie Pruview, I’m already here for my first Pruview of the summer season.Not only is it the first real blockbuster of the summer season (sorry Hugh Jackman fans), it just so happens to be my numero uno pruMUST on that list, Star Trek. So how did it go??? ROCKED! It was grand. A great way to start a whole new series of Star Trek. As I mentioned I have little experience in Star Trek, I used to watch Star Trek Enterprise because it put me to sleep and I’ve seen both Trekkies documentaries (which are hysterical btw). But it did not matter. My boy, J.J. Abrams opened a whole new outlook on the story. I do want to thank the casting director for casting Chris Pine (who???) as Captain Kirk, because if you didn’t, my wife would not have attended the movie. Also the casting of Sylar (from Heroes) as Spock was spot on. Also Simon Pegg played a great part too. Very well done. Not boring. Great action and effects. I predict that no other movie will be better this summer, it will be tough to beat. So I highly recommend for anyone, except my friend Brad Turner.

Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Prus


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