fitness freak


As of about a month ago, I did pretty much zero excercise. I’m sure many of you can relate. I mean I did practically nothing. Mowing the lawn was pretty much it. Every year since…well…every year, I did the ol’ New Years Resolution of I’m gonna get fit. Queue loser sound from Price Is Right. So randomly we got an email at work to run in a 5K race to represent the company. So I thought it would be hilarious if I ran it without any training at all. So that’s exactly what I did. I did not train, showed up, “ran” the thing, and I’m still alive, somehow. Every other day since then I have “run” (I’m quoting it b/c it’s hardly running, if fact I’m pretty sure its slower than walking) about 3 miles around my neighborhood. This is crazy for me. But inspiration came from somewhere. I guess I miss the endurance I had as a kid. I could play sports all day, and never stop to rest. Where did that go? I’m trying to find it. And I’m getting there…slowly. 

So tomorrow, I will embark on my official first 5K (b/c I trained this time) in TR. The Swamp Rabbit 5K. A truly southern event. The cool part is I’ll be running it with a lot of my coworkers. I believe I have inspired them. Not on purpose of course, but I think I accidentally pulled the ol’ “if Christian can do it, surely I can”. So that’s good. It’s good for me too. I’m liking it so far. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow night though.


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  1. 1 Jenn

    I think you’re right! You have lit a fire underneath the rest of us. Look at all the fitness freaks you inspired! Now we all just need to keep it up.

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