don’t call it a comeback: summer movie pruview – 2009


Hello again…well…it probably feels like hello for the first time, being that this is my first blog entry in about five months. I have obviously dropped out of my blogging ways, but my friend Jennifer started a blog and my other friend Lauren has returned to her blog, which is now reminding me that I need to get back into this whole thing…right….NOW. So here we are. Just about a month away from a one year blogging anniversary Woo!! (forget about my slackness). So I figure the easiest way to jump back in, while the water is luke warm, is to do a Summer Movie Pruview, my old specialty. And with an exciting Summer ,which officially kicked off for most people this past weekend, I will have plenty to discuss. Now keep in mind these are only the movies that I want to see. I am not mentioning every movie. In fact you will not here the names Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Bruno, or whoever is in Final Destination 14. I will first hit the pruMUSTs for me (movies that I MUST and WILL see this summer NO MATTER WHAT). I will then get into my pruHOPEs (movies that I want to see but probably won’t due to time constraints). I will conclude with a few pruWHA?s (movies that I am strangely drawn to, and might be able to sneak in). So LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!! (that kinda hurt my fingers).


sto09poster_uka1Star Trek

Ah yes. Who woulda thunk it? I’ve never really been a fan, but here I am, probably more stoked about this film than any other this summer. It looks awesome! Which means it will probably be a letdown, but surely not. Not with my boy J.J. Abrams running the show. If you are not aware of Mr. Abrams, he created the greatest television show of all time, LOST. So I have faith that this will be the movie of the summer. The Dark Knight (though probably not that good) of this year. I hope so, or J.J. will have a nerd army of Trekkies at his doorstep.






terminator_salvation_ver8Terminator Salvation

“Do you want me to trash your &%$*#! lights”. That was a great first preview to Terminator Salvation. Ah that Christian Bale. The dedication!! Destroy your own class for the sake of the movie. Dedication. Great first name. On the subject, Family guy did a funny skit about it here:      I am a fan still. I watched him back in Empire of the Sun (great flick btw) all the way up to now. Good actor. So to play in this movie makes sense. Will it be amazing? Probably not, but the effects will rock. I’ll put this one up there with Transformers. Awesome action, mediocre movie. We’ll see though. Also do you think Awnold will cameo. I hope.






Now I haven’t seen much on this movie, but really all you have to say to me is “Pixar”. That’s all I need. I’ll go. They have not let me down once. I can’t say I’ve loved the recent ones as much as I loved the Toy Story movies (maybe Wall•E is the exception), but they are all still incredible. Funny for all ages, and BEAUTIFUL. They even got into deep themes in Wall•E, which was a bold step, but it worked. I’m sure Up will have some of that too. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited. And I’m also pumped for the Pixar short before the movie.






land_of_the_lostLand of the Lost

Like the word “Pixar”, I’m the same way with the name “Will Ferrell”. Just say that, and I’m there. Throw in “Danny McBride” and I’m double-there. Now I didn’t watch this when I was young because I was born in  1980 and therefore am not old like the rest of you people. Just kidding…wink. I have a feeling that it’s not gonna matter. The trailer was quite hilarious, so I have no doubt that the rest will be also. Of course they could be pulling a Bewitched on us, then we are screwed, but I don’t think that will happen. I have a feeling. And it’s….drumroll…a good one.






the_hangover_movie_poster_showest_2009The Hangover

Now this is the most recent addition to my list. I just saw a new trailer, and I’m ready for this awesome looking comedy from the director of Old School. I was almost sold on the concept of the guy having a baby that he found in his hotel room the next day and him walking around with him in a baby bjorn. Throw in Andy from The Office and Bradley Cooper from Wedding Crashers, and the Mike Tyson scene from the trailer, and this film became a pruMUST.






harry_potter_and_the_half_blood_prince_ver141Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Who is the Half Blood Prince? My wife knows. And most of you know. But I don’t so don’t tell me. I, to my surprise, have become almost (and I stress almost) as excited about this movie as my wife, who has read these books like 20 times, literally. Now I could find out this question by just reading the books, right? Nope. I don’t read. Outside of the bathroom, I don’t read. Laziness I guess. But probably when I start, this will be where I start. Now I am stoked to see more of Voldemort (sp?) and his whole backstory. It’s becoming a little like LOST in a way. A piece of puzzle here and there, except it’s gonna be like 2015 before I know the end of the Harry Potters. But I can wait. They are that good.





district9District 9

Another recent addition to the list. My friend Chris sent me a link to this movie that I did not know about the other day, and I was instantly excited. This film is produced by Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame. So this takes the term illegal alien to a more true meaning. I’m thinking they are gonna stay away from and Independence Day feel or a Men In Black feel or any other Will Smith movie feel. It will hopefully be badass, and since Mr. Jackson is involved, I’m sure it will be. Very curious.







transformers-revenge-posterTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Now this one has just barely fallen out of my pruMUSTs because I wasn’t as impressed with the first film as I was hoping. Now my expectations were a bit high considering…’s Transformers, the coolest toy ever made! But Michael Bay, Michael Bay’d it up and made it a little much for me. Awesome action, but a little much. Megan Fox was nice though.







YR1_ADV_IT_1SHT_4Year One

The concept for this one sounded amazing, but the trailer let me down a bit. It might be hilarious, but I’m skeptic. I’m a big fan of both of these guys, but I’ll probably wait for the reviews on this one.








public_enemiesPublic Enemies

You can’t go wrong with Johnny Depp. Throw in a little Christian Bale and you’ve got yourself a potential blockbuster. This one has a little Road to Perdition vibe about it, which sounds very cool to me, but it doesn’t seem to have that must-see factor, but ya never know.








funny_peopleFunny People

Now I probably will see this one since it’s a Judd Apatow film (Anchorman, Knocked Up). Again I liked the preview, but didn’t love it. But with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan in the same film, it has classic written all over it. OK I’m ready to see it.








gi_joe_banner_snake_eyes_ray_park GI Joe

I swear it took like 10 years to make this film. I heard about a potential GI Joe movie when I was in high school. Here it is. Finally. And who’s the big name of the film…Dennis Quaid??? Could they find noone else? He’s like the only significant actor in the entire movie. I’m not gonna count Sienna Miller or Marlon Wayans because…because I’m NOT OK. I’m not giving up however. The teaser during the superbowl looked awesome, so maybe there’s potential there. I hope so.






pruWHA?s — 3 Movies that I am strangely drawn to. I don’t want to put these on the pruMUSTs, but the probably will end up being pruMUSTs for me…at least for the last one.

beth-cooperI Love You Beth Cooper

Now there is one obvious reason for seeing this movie and one surprising reason. The obvious reason is look at the movie poster. The surprising reason is that Chris Columbus is the director. Hmmm. Interesting. Home Alone, Harry Potter and now I Love You Beth Cooper. I’m sure its goofy, and stupid, but maybe not. And if it is, at least its got Hayden Panttierre in it.







taking-woodstockTaking Woodstock

Now I don’t know much about this movie. I haven’t even seen a trailer, but I know its an Ang Lee movie (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and it stars Demetri Martin, who is one of my favorite comedians. Sounds like an interesting combo. I’m the soundtrack will be fantastic also.







away_we_go_posterAway We Go

Now I saw the trailer for this tonight and it might end up being the best overall movie of the summer. That might be a stretch, but the trailer is very convincing for me. See for yourself:








pruBONUS — I just saw a preview for this movie which comes out in October and it blew my mind! Can’t wait.

spikejonezwherethewtareposter33Where The Wild Things Are


2 Responses to “don’t call it a comeback: summer movie pruview – 2009”

  1. 1 David Murphy

    is the title of this entry really a reference to ‘mama said knock you out’ ? as in, ‘don’t call it a comeback– i’ve been here for years’ ? that would be pretty amazing…

    • 2 christianpruitt

      yes it is. but I cannot take credit, it was Sarah’s idea.

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