thursday mix: “Off To Disney World With a 2 1/2 Year Old” Mix


THE RETURN OF THE THURSDAY MIX!!!! Well, the email anyways. I’ve been slacking, but that will end TODAY!! Of course, I’m on vacation next week so nothing then, but THEN I will recommit to it.

1. The Alternate Routes – “Time Is A Runaway”: I got this group from Meg the intern from last semester. Good song, kindof reminds me of Travis.
2. The Frames – “Revelate”: This song rocks–I’ve never had a good quality version until yesterday, so here it is. Really cool when the violin comes in.
3. Bendan Benson – “Cold Hands Warm Heart”: I’m pretty sure this is in a car commercial, but I think I originally heard it on The OC, Season One baby. Ah, memories.
4. Jeremy Larson – “Today”: This is my newest music find. Cool use of effects. Reminds me of Keane and also my buddy David Walker (which will be a future Album of the Day).
5. Company Of Thieves – “Oscar Wilde”: iTunes Free download this week. Cool sound. Female singer too. I’m recently getting into female singers. I’m a big fan of Paramore and Ingrid Michaelson lately. Both great.
6. Lindsey Buckingham – “Shut Us Down”: This dude can play and acoustic guitar. I guess that happens when you play for Fleetwood Mac. Cool track from the Elizabethtown soundtrack.
7. The Killers – “Forget About What I Said”: I hate it when bands do this. Release an album and then a few weeks later, release a “Deluxe” version with bonus tracks. Well, the Killers did this and here it is.
8. Common – “Universal Mind Control”: I heard this song on that Amex commercial. I think the background loop is awesome!
9. Does It Offend You, Yeah?- “Dawn Of The Dead”: Yeah, that’s the name of the band. Another new find. Their music can get a little out there, but this track is really cool. Very Killers sounding.
10. Rooney – “Sorry, Sorry”: I had forgotten about this band. Great California band–or at least this album was great.
11. Five Way Friday – “Vision In White”: I was big on this band from Greenville back in college. Great bar band.
12. Dave Matthews Band – “Raven”: Another song I had forgotten about. One of the better tracks off the mediocre Busted Stuff album.
13. Queens of the Stone Age – “3’s and 7’s”: This band just rocks. Definitely one of their coolest tracks. Awesome riff.
14. John Mayer – “Clarity”: Might be the most tight song off a John Mayer studio album. Just a very chill song that’s one of my all time favorites.
15. Justin Timberlake – “Senorita”: I close with another tight song. This is Justin’s best song straight up. Just cool. Probably over played, but understandable. Just cool.



One Response to “thursday mix: “Off To Disney World With a 2 1/2 Year Old” Mix”

  1. 1 jenn

    So, the quote “I’ve been slacking, but that will end today”, that you posted 4 months ago….. Not true?

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