album of the day: The Killers: Day & Age


For Yesterday


Song Recommendations: Human, Spaceman, The World We Live In, Losing Touch, A Dustland Fairytale, Joy Ride

Hi. My name is Christian. This is an album review. I feel like I need to do that because its been forever since I last sent out an album of the day. I’m sure you’ve been sad, but you will be sad no more!! So we’ve got new music from The Killers!!! One of my favorite bands, for some reason. They are. I guess whenever I seriously consider going online, to buy one of their t-shirts without seeing them live, I consider them a fav. I was however, at first, seriously dissappointed with Sam’s Town. It grew on me, but for some reason The Killers thing, is to have at least one incredible song and release it 3 months before the album is released (basically tease you). When You Were Young was probably one of the coolest songs I had heard in a really long time, so I was super-stoked for Sam’s Town. Unfortunately, what felt like 6 months of waiting for the album, got my expectations way too high. So of course, in the same fashion, Human was released a few months back and I was sold (not like I was with When You Were Young). This time they drop Spaceman on us like a month later. WHAT?! THIS SONG IS GOOD TOO! THIS ALBUM IS GONNA BE INCREDIBLE!!!!(here we go again) Well here it is. Day & Age. Notice, I’m not typing in all caps, so I guess you can sense my reaction. Now again, its not bad, but its just not “INCREDIBLE”, which I got in my head (yet again) that it was gonna be. Oh well. At least it’s new music. So check it out!



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