album of the day: Coldplay – Prospekt’s March EP



Song Recommendations: Rainy Day, Glass of Water, Life In Technicolor II, Postcards From Far Away, Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground

“Two in a row?” you ask. NO YOU ARE NOT DREAMING MY FRIENDS. Two in a row. This album was a surprise to me. A MAJOR surprise. When Viva La Vida was released in June, I had it in my mind that we wouldn’t get any new Coldplay for at least another 4-5 years, but low and behold here we are today. A new album! They’re kinda gettin all Ryan Adams on us. I thought he was the only one to pull off the multiple albums in a year. And I was right, because this is just an EP. It apparently “features several tracks left over from the studio sessions” for Viva la Vida. After listening, I’ve decided that it’s not only as good as Viva La Vida, it’s better. I’m thinking to myself, how were these songs left out? How does Life In Technicolor II have lyrics and the one on the album not. How did “Violet Hill” and “Yes” make the cut, and “Rainy Day” and “Glass of Water”. I don’t know. I liked Viva La Vida, but I’m just a little surprised to see the other options they had. But whatever, I guess I’m just happy that we have more. Also check out “Postcards From Far Away” which is a short, incredibly calming piano track. Definitely check this one out soon!



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