album of the day: Pearl Jam – Vitalogy



Song Recommendations: Better Man, Immortality, Last Exit, Corduroy, Nothingman, Whipping

Pearl Jam’s third, and I must say last “great” studio album (although I think great might be too strong of a word). Yield was OK, but Vitalogy marks the end of the albums I’ve actually kept. It’s third on my list with Ten being second, and my favorite being Vs., But that’s just me people. The first two were the best by far, but Vitalogy definitely has its share of good tunes. All my recommendations are great songs. I love that they did some slow ones (Nothingman & Immortality). And plenty of hardcore Pearl Jam tracks like Spin The Black Circle, Whipping, Las Exit, Corduroy and Not For You. Great songs. OK, maybe this album is great. The thing I don’t understand is the waste of space in the two tracks, Bugs and Hey Foxymophandi… whatever it is. What is the point of these tracks. Experimental? BS. I mean what is the producer like: “OK guys we need two more tracks, so, why don’t you guys go do some drugs and we can lay down something. I’ve got this accordian and these recordings from an old psychiatric hospital, so I’m sure we can put something together that will make people want to kill themselves”. I don’t know what that’s about, but its a trend on a lot of mid-90’s alt-rock albums. But other than those tracks, this album is pretty, well, great. So check it out!



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