album of the day: Cake – Fashion Nugget


For Yesterday

Song Recommendations: The Distance, Open Book, Frank Sinatra, Nugget, I Will Survive, Daria

I think I used this the last time I put one of this band’s albums up, but WHO DOESN’T LIKE CAKE? Really? I won’t go into it like I did last time, but I’ll just say this one word: funfetti. There. It’s said. Anyways, this is MY funfetti of Cake albums. All of their albums are good, but this one has the best “icing”. OK this is sounding stupid, so I will stop. Just a great collection of songs. And to think this came out in the mid-90s. This sounded like no other band out there, and pretty much still does. “The Distance” is probably my favorite Cake song overall. Both “Frank Sinatra” and “Open Book” have incredible head-bobbin’ intros. Nugget is an explicit yet excellent song for venting frustration. Include a pretty humorous chorus about a golddigger in “Italian Leather Sofa”. Tag in a Gloria Gaynor cover of “I Will Survive” and you’ve got yourself one heck of an album. So check it out today!



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