thursday mix: “I Almost Got A Bag Of Crap” Mix


1. Cary Pierce – “Absence Of Love”: This guy was in Jackopierce, of which I was quite a fan of in my teens. This is one of his better solo songs.
2. Coldplay – “Daylight”: One of my favorites off the fantastic album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Reminds me of like a spy movie.
3. John Lee Hooker – “Mama, You Got A Daughter”: Cool, old bluesy classic. Actually reminds me of Van Morrison’s “Baby Please Don’t Go”. Probably some inspirations there.
4. Meiko – “Reasons To Love You”: Not sure where I got this track, but I was reading it was on Grey’s Anatomy, so there ya go.
5. Dr. Dog – “The Rabbit, The Bat & The Reindeer”: This band is so cool. They sound like they are from like 30 years ago. I love the title. Fun song.
6. The Ramones – “Judy Is A Punk”: This one was stuck in my head this morning for some random reason. Judy IS a punk. I know.
7. Kings Of Leon – “Manhattan”: This song kindof gives the feel of their entire new album. Just cool. Not their usual sound, but cool.
8. Genesis – “Land Of Confusion”: I heard the Disturbed cover of this song a few months back, and inspired me to download this classic Genesis tune.
9. Voxtrot- “Firecracker”: Another one I have no idea where it came from. A cool rock track though.
10. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – “Cobwebs”: I love the way this song starts out. Doesn’t sound like Ryan Adams at first. A good one from Cardinology.
11. The Figgs – “He Always Knows”: This sounds like its off the Van Wilder or American Pie soundtrack, but its cool–I like.
12. Mute Math – “Plan B”: This one is actually off their original EP titled “Reset, one of their best songs.
13. Elliot Smith – “Between The Bars”: A great song from an incredible songwriter.
14. Vampire Weekend – “Campus”: You have to spread out listening times on these guys. They get old quick, but before they do, they’re awesome!
15. The Album Leaf – “Eastern Glow”: Another great one from The O.C. Just a chill song. Awesome!



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