bye-bye bowden!


Man! It’s been a dramatic day in Tigertown today! Head coach Tommy Bowden was fired. WR Coach Dabo Sweeney was named Interim Head Coach. Then he decides to fire Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence. This is like Days Of Our Lives. I can just hear the theme music now. What will happen next!! Will Brad Scott survive the witch hunt? Who will be the next coach?

Turn in next time! Same Tiger time! Same Tiger channel!


One Response to “bye-bye bowden!”

  1. Since you do music reviews, I’ll leave you with a few song titles that I think best reflect the attitudes of most Clemson fans about the departure of Tommy Bowden. Just for the record, I’m an Alabama fan.

    1. Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles
    2. When You Wish Upon A Star by Jiminy Cricket
    3. Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away by Motley Crue
    4. Going, Going, Gone by The Posies
    5. Someday My Prince Will Come by Ashley Tisdale
    7. Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
    8. I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone by Johnny Nash
    9. Circle of Life by Elton John
    10. Tomorrow by Annie

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