thursday mix: “Palin – Biden Battle Royale” Mix


1. Rage Against The Machine – “Sleep Now In The Fire”: Let’s start it out with an awesome track. Love the effects that guitarist Tom Morrello does on the solo.
2. Orbital – “Lasts Forever”: This kindof mixes up quotes from the movie The Beach into a kindof dance/techno tune. Kinda reminds me of that Moby track thats cool…Porcelin I think.
3. The Spinto Band – “Oh Mandy”: Kindof weirdly has a U2 sound at the beginning. U2 with a mandolin of course. Cool indie track.
4. Robin Thicke – “Magic”: This kinda sounds like an Isaac Hayes track. It’s from smooth vanilla Robin Thicke. Pretty sweet.
5. Pete Yorn – “Murray”: One of the many excellent tracks off of Pete Yorn’s debut album musicforthemorningafter. If you don’t believe me, download it.
6. Velvet Revolver – “Fall To Pieces”: You’d think I’d be sick of this song, but it doesn’t get old for some reason. It rocks. I really like Slash’s solo.
7. The Hives – “Tick Tick Boom”: All of this band’s tunes sound the same. But they are all high energy raw british rock anthems. Very cool.
8. Kings of Leon – “Sex On Fire”: I talked about this band the other day, and this album gets better and better the more you listen.
9. Okkervil River- “For Real”: Man, this is back-to-back weeks on the mix for Okkervil River. Well they deserve it. This is a great song that I just discovered.
10. Anberlin – “Feel Good Drag”: First single off of their new release, New Surrender. Cool Alt-Rock Christian band.
11. Soulsavers – “Spiritual”: I randomly came across this one today. Kinda depressing, but I like it for some reason. Also kinda sounds like a U2 song.
12. Snow Patrol – “Open Your Eyes”: This band puts out some good music. This is one of my favorites.
13. Orange – “No Rest For The Weekend”: Kindof a Strokes kindof sound. That garage band sound. Very OC, which is actually where I heard it.
14. Ben Folds – “Brainwascht”: I know I raved about this album yesterday. This is probably my favorite of the album, but they are all good really.
15. Field Music – “A House Is Not A Home”: Another indie one I just discovered on my iPod today. Pretty cool. I like the piano combined with the 70s sounding guitar. Checks it out!



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