album of the day: Ben Folds – Way To Normal


Song Recommendations: You Don’t Know Me, Brainwascht, The Frown Song, Kylie From Connecticut, Cologne, Errant Dog, Dr. Yang

I was just reading some reviews of this album, and I have to say that I disagree. Maybe because I haven’t listened for 24 hours straight yet, but I think its the return of some classic Ben Folds. Angry, happy, soft, fast, ridiculous and hilarious are all comments I’ve had on the tracks. It may not be Rockin’ The Suburbs (but what is?), but it’s definitely an upgrade from Songs for Silverman. Not to say that it was a bad album, it just was a bit boring for what I expect from Ben Folds. This collection of tracks is the epitemy of why I like Ben Folds. He can have some awesome melodies about a town called Effington, talking about how his dog got out, and how an ex went nuts. Who does that? Ben Folds. Check it out now!



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