album of the day: Bush – Razorblade Suitcase


For Monday

Song Recommendations: Greedy Fly, Bonedriven, Straigh No Chaser, Mouth, Swallowed, Tendency To Start Fires, Personal Holloway

The second and not quite as succesful second album from Bush. I will always remember the video for Greedy Fly as being semi-nightmarish. I also like the different side to Bush. The two songs with the string section, Bonedriven and Straight No Chaser. Most of the album had the usual grungy alternative Bush sound, but these two songs set the album apart, for me anyways. I also thought tracks Tendency To Start Fires and Personal Holloway were pretty rockin’, but never really recognized. I personally have only owned this one and their first release, Sixteen Stone (which I cannot find unfortunately). I’m not sure if these guys are still together, but they need to because apparently Gavin cannot do it on his own (Not a fan of his solo album). Check it out if you want a flashback of 12 years!



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