thursday mix: “It’s Like I Was Just Here” Mix


I’ve added one more to the mix to make it 15. (I had 15 lines on my post-it that I write the mixes on and that extra line was bothering me, so)

1. The National – “Squalor Victoria”: Again, this dude’s voice will put you in a trance. It really makes the band.
2. Rock n’ Roll Soldiers – “Funny Little Feeling”: For such an awesome band name, I would expect great things. Not so, but entertaining at least.
3. Kimya Dawson – “Tire Swing”: She did a lot of the songs from Juno, so now every song of hers reminds me of that fantastic movie.
4. Third Day – “Wire”: For some reason this is the only Third Day song I have. This is dissapointing b/c they are a good band. I really like the chorus in this song. I actually listen to the words in this one.
5. The Jealous Girlfriends – “Something In The Water”: Pretty cool guitar riff on this one. Simple and effective. I thought this would be a chick band, but apparently not (of course this is off the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack).
6. Jens Lekman – “Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig”: I had to look up this title to make sure it was correct. But he is Swedish, so I guess that’s why he’s weird. J/K. The song is a bit odd also. Interesting though.
7. Weezer – “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”: Another great one off the awesome Red album. I love the accapella part. Sounds like a 60’s college chorus or something.
8. Editors – “Crawl Down The Wall”: This band has some kind of eerie european sound. Very cool, but definitely european.
9. Okkervil River- “Starry Stairs”: I’m not sure how to describe this band. This track is off their new album. Somethin about his voice that I like. Good band (Haven’t I convinced you from this description?)
10. Albert Hammond Jr – “Everyone Gets A Star”: Another cool track off of the former Strokes member’s first album.
11. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Castles Made Of Sand”: Classic Hendrix. Complex, but he makes it sound so easy.
12. JET – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”: I loved this song when it first came out about 5 years ago. Still a great rock song. Gets ya goin.
13. Billy Paul – “Me And Mrs. Jones”: How smooth is this song. I love it! The “Meeeeeeee Aaaaannnndd Misses…Mrs. Jones…” Part is incredible.
14. Laura Veirs – “Saltbreakers”: Song starts out OK, but is great when it gets to the chorus. Kindof a modern Lisa Loeb.
15. Stone Temple Pilots – “Crackerman”: I can’t believe I forgot about this song. It came on my iPod the other day, and I was like “OH YEEEEAAH!” Great underrated track from their first album.



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