thursday mix: “These Are Sandals, People!!” Mix


1. My Morning Jacket – “Aluminum Park”: This song shows why I’m a fan of this band. Rockin song that just makes you nod your head at certain points.
2. Pinback – “Good To Sea”: Very cool indie song. I need to get some more of this band. They are quite good.
3. Sufjan Stevens – “Ring Them Bells”: Everyone knows my stand on Sufjan Stevens. Incredibly creative. Some are very out there, but some are awesome. This one goes down as the big A.
4. The Republic Tigers – “Buildings & Mountains”: This week’s iTunes free download of the week. Very cool. I think I might be able to get into this band.
5. Maroon 5 – “Can’t Stop”: My guilty pleasure. I’m a fan of this Maroon 5 album. I know. I was ashamed too. But its pretty funky. Very cool you have to admit.
6. Phantom Planet – “Confess”: Another great one off the “Raise The Dead” album. I love the chaotic part where they are screaming “to CONFESS!!”.
7. Joe Purdy – “You & Me”: This guy just gives me that calm feeling. Very similar to Nick Drake. Very good.
8. Andy Hunter – “Lifelight”: Get out your glowsticks yet again. It’s techno time. I’m mildly obsessed with this song today. It’s very cool. Not your average techno. Or so I think. I’m not sure exactly what your average techno is.
9. I’m In Barcelona- “We’re In Barcelona”: I would love to hear this song if I was actually in Barcelona. Very happy song.
10. Van Morrison – “Jackie Wilson Said”: This is a little bit of a shoutout to my buddy David in Virginia. He’s a VM fan. I love the way this song starts out. So cool.
11. Ben Folds – “Emaline”: A very underrated Ben Folds song. Very good. You should go download it NOW!
12. Jose Gonzalez – “Stay In The Shade”: This dude just puts me in a trance. Fantastic music. Its hard to stop listening.
13. The Killers – “Bling (Confessions of a King)”: Not the best Killers song, but a decent one. The chorus is excellent.
14. Kings Of Leon – “Use Somebody”: Off the new Kings of Leon album, Only By The Night. I think they’ve taken a different turn musically. They are still good, but have less of a raw rock sound. Still good.



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