album of the day: Darius Rucker – Learn To Live


Song Recommendations: Alright, Be Wary Of A Woman, All I Want, Forever Road, Learn To Live

I actually had 2 other albums I wanted to put up today, but due to technical difficulties, were down to Darius Rucker. Not Hootie & The Blowfish Darius Rucker. Not R&B Smooth Darius Rucker. This is stuck-in-a-TenderCrisp-Bacon-Cheddar-Ranch-chicken-sandwich-Burger-King-ad Darius Rucker. Yes folk’s it’s country. This will probably be the first and last country album of the day, but you can’t say I don’t provide variety. Needless to say, I didn’t know that ol’ Darius had country in him. But I guess he is from around here, so, unfortunately you can’t escape it sometimes. I listened once, and its about all I can take. Its not that he’s bad, it’s just not my thing. It reminds me of being a bus boy at Roadhouse Grill. PEANUTS EVERYWHERE AHHHHH! Anyways, so if you can put up with country, this may be the album for you. I personally will be removing it from the rotation, until Pioneer Day (I know it doesn’t relate, but it’s all I got). Check it out!



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