pru-review: Fido


Starring: Some people I’ve seen before, but don’t know their names.

This is the first Pru-Review I’ve done in a while, but I haven’t really seen any films recently that I could really write about. Nothing was really interesting, until this one. Fido. A genius take on a 50s era zombie movie. Dust from space has surrounded the earth, causing the dead to rise and eat human flesh, of course. Until a company, ZomCom, develops a collar that prevents the zombies from craving human flesh. So they become domesticated. Families can get their own zombie to help around the house or mow the lawn or whatever. Although it is unfortunate when the collars malfunction, but it happens, right. It’s a good thing children are taught how to use a rifle at recess. Concept was hilarious, and the movie turned out to be pretty funny. Rated R for violence I guess, although its pretty comedic. Overall one of the better films I’ve seen recently and recommend to everyone–well, almost.

Overall Rating: 4 Prus


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