thursday mix: “High Jump Calculator” Mix


1. Old School NFL Highlight Music: The NFL season begins tonight (well right now actually), and this is straight from the old school NFL highlights (also Burger King ads)
2. Chemical Brothers – “Vanilla Sky”: First half of this song is awesome, then it gets really wierd–Kindof like the movie.
3. Bell X1 – “Little Sister”: This is just a chill track. The “little sister’s been watchin you” part gets stuck in my head all day.
4. The Verve / Jay Z – “Bittersweet Symphony/Dirt Off Your Shoulder”: This is a surprisingly cool mix of two great songs.
5. Syd Matters – “Hello Sunshine”: Yes, another one from the OC. This was a cover. I actually like this version better. I kinda like the imperfection in this guys voice. It’s not bad. I like the harmonies.
6. Led Zeppelin – “The Song Remains The Same”: We have to get the Led out folks! This has a great intro. Awesome bass & drums.
7. Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise – “You & Me”: Another cool track from RBBS. Kindof Marvin Gaye-esque. Just cool.
8. Rose Hill Drive – “One Night Stand”: This that ROCK OUT band I talked about a few weeks ago. This one is acoustic, and like their other stuff, is good. I like when the drums come in.
9. U2 – “Sunday Bloody Sunday (live)”: That drum beat to open it leads into the Edge. Classic.
10. Beck – “Profanity Prayers”: Just goes down with the other catchy upbeat Beck tracks out there. (ex. the entiere The Information album)
11. Rogue Wave – “Debaser”: This is off the same album as that Syd Matters song. Another cover. Rogue Wave brings a pretty decent indie sound. Catchy and again better than the original.
12. The Wombats – “Let’s Dance To Joy Division”: Speakin of good indie songs, this one’s great. Kindof reminds me of a song I put on last week’s mix by Black Kids.
13. Chris Brown – “Forever”: I heard this enough on the radio so it would get stuck in my head and I would grow to like it. Some R&B flava for ya.
14. Whiskeytown – “Dreams”: Excellent cover of the classic from Fleetwood Mac, performed by Ryan Adams’ former band.


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