thursday mix: “I Woke Up At 8:06 AM” Mix


1. B.B. King – “Sweet Little Angel (live)”: I love the reaction of the crowd in this one. It’s a slow blues, and the crowd reacts like it’s the Beatles. Girls screamin’. It’s great, but it shows how old this recording is.
2. The Dan Band – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”: If you’ve ever seen Old School, then you know this version. Hilarious!
3. Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”: I like two Sum 41 songs, this is one. Very catchy.
4. Weezer – “In The Garage”: Another one from the excellent Blue album. Love to sing along on the chorus on this one.
5. Modest Mouse – “Fly Trapped In a Jar”: I used hate this guy’s voice, but now I think it’s great. Cool song from a cool album.

6. Whiskeytown – “Crazy About You”: Remember this is Ryan Adams. This song sounds like Ryan Adams. So obviously it’s amazing. Very poppish for him. Good though.
7. Incubus – “Nice To Know You”: One of my favorites from Incubus. Just have a great way of rocking out the chorus.
8. Robert Randoph & The Family Band – “Deliver Me”: How cool are these guys. I saw them for the first time last year opening for Gov’t Mule. Funky and awesome!
9. Oasis – “Falling Down”: A new one from Oasis. I guess the brothers have worked out their issus, for now. This is their first single. It’s OK. Not great.
10. Ben Folds – “You Don’t Know Me”: Speaking of new material, this is a new one from Ben Folds. Very good. Unfortunately new album doesn’t come out for another month.
11. Stone Temple Pilots – “Unglued”: The upbeat songs from STP are incredible, this one is no exception from the great album, Purple.
12. Ra Ra Riot – “Ghost Under Rocks”: Discovered this band last night on iTunes. Kinda reminds me of Jimmy Eat World with less rock, and more drama. Listen to hear what I mean.
13. Wolfmother – “Dimension (live)”: As you probably have discovered, Wolfmother is my favorite rock out band right now. I’m afraid right now is ending, as apparently they have broken up of which I am quite bummed.
14. Black Kids – “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance”: Free iTunes download this week. This has potential to be one of my favorite new bands. Sound a lot like a more poppish Killers.


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