album of the day: Albert Hammond, Jr. – Como Te Llama?


Song Recommendations: GfC, Victory At The Monterey, G Up, Spooky Couch, Miss Myrtle

Albert Hammond, Jr., mostly known as the guitarist in the rock band The Strokes, released this, his second solo album last month. I had heard the new single “GfC” initially, and was happy with it, so I downloaded the album. I was slightly disappointed, but just needed to give it some time. The songs didn’t flow  as well as they did on his first solo album, Yours To Keep. I’ve been giving is some more listens and it has gotten better, but not it’s not great. I love GfC. It has that great Strokes vibe to it. I’m also a big fan of “Spooky Couch”. It’s a 7 minute chill song that sounds like it came off of the original Zelda video game or something. It’s calming and I like it. I’m also liking “Victory At Monterey”. It sounds a lot like Cake. Overall a little bit of a dissapointment, but it definitely grows on you. Check it out!



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