album of the day: Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue


I skipped Mon & Tues–my bad.

Song Recommendations: Hummingbird, Barnacle Goose, Foxes Mate For Life, Badonkadonkey, Hedonistic Me, Little Garcon

My friend and fellow listener said it best that any song that is titled “Badonkadonkey” can’t be a bad thing. I agree completely. It gives you an idea of what to expect from this group. She also said they were “peppy”. Spot on again! They remind me of a “peppier” Vampire Weekend. This simple trio of Canadians, that unlike most Canadians, are actually cool. I’m just kidding. Ooookaaay. Anywoo. Don’t use any special instruments or bring in extra singers, just straight up imagaination with a guitar, bass and drums. They use some crazy lyrics with some fun music combined with some clapping and harmonies (sometimes acapella) here and there, to make these guys hard to ignore. Very fun band for something different on your iPod. Check em out!



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