thursday mix: “I Saw The International Space Station” Mix


1. Pru – “Oh! You Know It!”: Yeeeeaaaahhh this one is me. It’s my one and only experimentation with Garage Band. It was “released” (AKA put on my iPod) last summer.
2. Ryan Adams – “Rainy Days”: This isn’t an official album of Ryan Adams. This song is a good slow one. It sounds like it has one of those small pianos, I forget what its called.
3. The Early Years – “Say What I Want To”: I find it hard to believe I haven’t put this one on a mix yet, but its a good rockish/poppish song.
4. Atreyu – “Becoming The Bull”: This song is very Chris Alexander. It has that screaming roar that is common in Metal tracks these days, but this one doesn’t bother me that much. It pretty much rocks some stuff.
5. Dinosaur Jr. – “I Don’t Think So”: Something about Dinosaur Jr. is great. Their singer is awful, but their tunes are catchy. This one’s a good one.
6. Jimmy Eat World – “Sweetness”: I have a bunch of Jimmy Eat World songs on my iPod that don’t have track names. This is the only one I could think of. You can’t help but sing along.
7. Gov’t Mule – “30 Days In The Hole”: Man! The Mule rocks. A great live recording. See this band if you get a chance!
8. Aven – “All I Wanna Do”: Get out your glow sticks! It’s time to go to the rave. I usually don’t get into techno, but this has those synthesizer sounds that make techno sound kinda cool. Maybe its me.
9. B.B. King – “How Blue Can You Get?”: Man, talk about variety. We just went from a techno song to a slow, old school blues tune. B.B. is classic. I saw him in Spartanburg a while back. Great show!
10. The Mae Shi – “Lamb And The Lion”: Pretty cool indie rock track. Upbeat and catchy. They had to hold their notes for a long time in this song. That would be tiring.
11. Rose Hill Drive – “Sneak Out”: As I mentioned earlier this week, this band “rocks my face off”. This song proves it.
12. The National – “Slipping Husband”: I actually listened to the lyrics on this one (a rare occasion for me). Sounds kinda dramtic. But hey. Great band.
13. Working For A Nuclear Free City – “Apron Strings”: Not sure I get the title of this song but my I’m not reading into it enough. Another great track off a great album.
14. Ben Folds Five – “Regrets”: This song is classic Ben Folds Five. Catchy, upbeat, fun. Bongos and some weird electronic effect make this song. Love me some BFF (not Best Friends Forever–or are we?)


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