album of the day: Switchfoot – Oh! Gravity


I’ve been slackin’, so I will do better.

Song Recommendations: Awakening, Oh! Gravity, Yesterdays, Head Over Heels (In This Life), Burn Out Bright

This is the third album from Switchfoot. It’s the only one that I own the full album. It’s pretty good. My recommendations are all good tunes. I wouldn’t say any of them are great, however. But how much “great” stuff comes around these days. I guess it depends how open minded you are. But yeah I think Switchfoot can rock pretty hard. “Stars” & “Meant To Live” were both rockin’ great tracks. I hear they are a great live band. I’d like to witness that, but like many great acts, they do not come around this area much. But when they do, I will probably be there. Actually probably not, b/c I’m all talk. But hey! Check em out!



One Response to “album of the day: Switchfoot – Oh! Gravity”

  1. They are an INCREDIBLE live band… probably the only band that I know of that is better live then on their CD.
    Great pick.
    Oh by the way, Oh! Gravity is Switchfoot’s 6th CD, not 3rd.

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