the big 7-0.



My dad turns 70 today. You’d never guess it if you met him. He and my mom always had that goin’ for them. I hope I’m the same when I get to that point in my life. Of course I still get that “what’s this kid trying to pull” look whenever I buy a beer, so maybe I’ll be OK. But I’ve always been pretty tight with my dad. I talk to him about everyday. He’s the guy I talk sports with. He’s always the first to know when something out of the ordinary happens to me even if its something small (for example: going to the driving range or not eating an entire row of cookies before I go to bed–I’m obsessed, I’m sorry). He’s had it kinda rough over the last 6 years or so. He starting having back problems around the time I got married. It got the point where he couldn’t sit comfortably let alone walk very far. After multiple surgeries, nothing seemed to stick, until one day a cortizone shot seemed to solve it. Or maybe it was the help of his guardian angel. In the midst of all the back troubles, my mother passed away suddenly from Leukemia. But we all gained a guardian angel. It was hard on my sisters and I, but I know it was worse for my dad. He hid it from us, but I know he lost his other half, his true love. A few years later he faced another challenge–traces of cancer in his prostate. But he fought it hard and got rid of it completely. This past Spring, he decided to have gastric bypass surgery, due help fight off his weight that he was unhappy with. Like a champ, at almost 70, he got through it, and is already almost unrecognizeable, he’s so skinny.

I am incredibly proud of him. He is the best dad I could ever ask for, and I look forward to seeing his face on a Smuckers Jelly Jar, on the today show when he turns 100.

I love you dad.


One Response to “the big 7-0.”

  1. 1 David Murphy

    beautiful. and many happy returns to your dad.

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