pru-review: The Dark Knight


Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Well I didn’t get to contribute to the new opening weekend sales record of 158 mil (eat that Spiderman!), but I finally got to see it “tonight”. Could there have been any more hype for a movie. I mean the build up was incredible. I have never heard of more people that want to see a movie. The first movie was awesome. Could Heath Ledger compete with the infamous Jack Nicholson Joker? Then he dies. Definitely unfortunate and sad, but added even more to they hype. WOW. Usually this means a crash and burn for a movie.



Awesome, awesome, awesome! Story was great. Action was great. And Heath Ledger…Wow. I tried for the entire movie to find Heath Ledger, but I couldn’t. I could not see him in this character. He was that good. And freeeeeeaaaky. “Why so serious?” You know he was good, b/c he was probably everyone’s favorite character in the movie. The villian. Crazy. And that second word in the title was serious. DARK. Definitely had that end of the world kindof feel to it. I’ll reiderate the saying I heard everyone say, “DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS MOVIE”, I’ll agree with that statement, well, unless you wanting some extra company in your bed for the next 15 years. (I’m gonna get off subject for a sec, I have been to four movies now this summer, and every single one of them had at least 1 baby. BABY. Oh yeah! Even “tonight”! For the DARK Knight! What is the deal people!! NEVER. EVER. BRING A BABY TO THE MOVIES!! There must be a lot of crack smokin’ parents out there). Anywoo, so I was happily impressed with how good it actually turned out to be. I didn’t see the storyline going the way it did, but it worked. My only gripe is that it did seem a bit long, but that’s all. Overall, coolest movie I’ve seen in a long time. BELIEVE THE HYPE, see this one immediately.

Overall Rating: 5 Prus (yes, out of 5)


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