album of the day: Cat Power – The Greatest


Song Recommendations: The Greatest, Willie, Where Is My Love, Lived In Bars, Living Proof

Combine this one with last week’s album of the day, Chris Garneau, and you’ll have one good ol’ depressing day. Nah I like em both. This one is a little more cheery than Mr. Garneau. I don’t know if this chick’s name is Cat and her last name is Power. If it is, that is the coolest name ever. But I’ll check…OK, unfortunately no, her name is Chan Marshall. I can see why she went with a stage name. Anyways, she reminds me a lot of Norah Jones. A little more soulful and bluesy. Slightly more depressing though. I heard “The Greatest” in the preview for My Blueberry Nights, and it’s fantastic–the song not the movie. I’ve listened to that track like ten times today. It just has that kinda sad, small town, drinking yourself into depression, feeling–but in A GOOD WAY. It doesn’t make sense people, I know this. If you like Norah, you’ll like her. So check her out if ya get a chance.



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