thursday mix: “Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all” Mix


I was a slacker again, so this was supposed to be posted yesterday.

1. “Doogie Howser Theme”: I like to ride around downtown with my windows down and BLAST this one.
2. Clearlake – “Finally Free”: Catchy tune. I like the chorus–stays in your head. Reminds me of The Whigs.
3. The Whigs – “OK, Alright”: Speakin of The Whigs…Another good one from them. I saw these guys at a Mute Math concert. Raw indie rock sound.
4. The Academy Is… – “Everything We Had”: Kindof has that Dashboard Confessional sound. The teen girls love this stuff. I like it also. Hee hee.
5. Chantal Kreviazuk – “Leaving On A Jet Plane”: I think I heard this cover of the John Denver song, in The Terminal with Tom Hanks.
6. Telepopmusik – “Breathe”: This is that kinda technoish song that used to be on those Mitsubishi Eclipse ads. Where that girl was in the car doing that crazy dance thing with her arms. Sarah (my wife) does a great impression of that.
7. Travis – “Under The Moonlight”: Travis is a very underrated band. You forget about them, but their albums are pretty constently good.
8. Shout Out Louds – “Go Sadness (Ver 2)”: I say its version 2 b/c I have heard this song before, but not this way. I like it better this way. Its slow. Different than most of Shout Out Louds songs. I guess the name says it all.
9. Bloc Party – “Banquet”: One of Bloc Party’s better tracks. Good beat with a cool guitar riff.
10. Alexi Murdoch – “All My Days”: This is that guy that did “Orange Sky”. This one is also kindof a good slow one. Calming with a good acoustic sound behind it.
11. Wolfmother – “Love Train”: Like all other Wolfmother songs, this song ROCKS!
12. Turin Brakes – “Pain Killer”: Off the very good “Last Kiss Soundtrack”, this song has a great chorus that I find myself singing a lot.
13. Dave Matthews Band – “Dancing Nancies”: Probably the best version of this song. Also off the best Dave live album, “Live At Red Rocks”.
14. Sufjan Stevens – “Pittsfield”: This one doesn’t have as many of the crazy instruments, well at least for most of the song, that are in his songs. Great slow track though.



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