thursday mix: “My Birthday in 4 Days” Mix (it’s actually 3 days now)


I was a slacker again, so this was supposed to post yesterday.

1. Jimi Hendrix – “Wait Until Tomorrow”: The guitar on this one is awesome (but I guess you can say that on just about any Jimi track)
2. Born Ruffians – “Barnacle Goose”: This is a crazy song that sounds a lot like Vampire Weekend, of which I am a fan. I also love the title.
3. Ben Harper – “Please Don’t Talk About Murder”: This is my favorite song by Ben Harper. I’m not even sure if he wrote it. I’ve only heard a few of his songs actually so I’m a little limited on Mr. Harper.
4. My Morning Jacket – “Gideon”: Awesome track off an awesome live album. I like how it builds into a rockin song.
5. Brandtson – “Earthquakes And Sharks”: Pretty cool indie song. Catchy fun tune.
6. Pink Floyd – “Money”: How awesome is this bass line. It gets stuck in my head for days. Classic. I wish I had more of this song in my pocket.
7. Brendan Benson – “What I’m Looking For”: Brendan Benson is great. Kindof retro sounding. Kindof like the Josh Rouse song from last week’s mix.
8. Pearl Jam – “Porch”: One of my favorite tracks off of Pearl Jam’s second best album (in my opinion “Vs.” was their best). I love the chorus.
9. Phoenix – “Lost And Found”: This is off of Phoenix’s first album that sounds completely different than their second album. Both good though.
10. The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”: I think this is one of the Beatles best songs. Kinda dark, but very cool. Sounds different from most Beatles. Of course I am no expert.
11. The Kooks – “Sway”: I’m a big fan of this band. This one I listened to on the way into work and the chorus stuck in my head until I made this mix, so it HAD to be on here.
12. Rooney – “Paralyzed”: This is off the California band’s 2nd album, which was a dissapointing follow up to a great debut album. This one however is one of the good tracks on the album.
13. Maps – “Elouise”: Very cool electronic type song. Kindof like Porcelin by Moby–kindof.
14. Andrew Bird – “Plasticities (Remix)”: Pretty cool remix of one of the better songs off of a favorite album, Armchair Apocrypha


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