pru-review: Vantage Point


Starring: Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker

Speakin of guys whose stock keeps rising. Whitaker and Fox’s careers have taken flight over the last few years. And Quaid, well…not really. But he has one here and there. I really like him in In Good Company. He also did a good Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp. And who dislikes the movie Inner Space? But everything in between was pretty much garbage. But Vantage Point I would put as one of his semi-hits. I just got through watchin this one and I’m not sure. I like the style of the movie. Different than what you normally watch. Get this, the movie shows you what happens from different “vantage points”. Wow! These guys are clever. Whew! Anyways, so I was diggin’ it, until I kinda figured it out. And if I figured it out, that means everyone figured it out. Now I’m not gonna be that guy that claims that I knew what was gonna happen, but I caught on to who the bad guys were pretty quick (probably from all the LOST and Law & Order watchin). So I wasn’t really blown away at the end when I was right. So that kinda stunk. But it is one of those puzzle kind of movies where you’re trying to put all the pieces together, which definitely keeps your interest. So its a good one-watcher. But that’s all. But I give my props to ol’ Quaid. Unfortunately for him, this success means at least three more crappy movies before another semi-hit. Hey at least he’s got Meg Ryan. Oh…wait.

Overall Rating: 3 Prus


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