album of the day: Beck – Modern Guilt


Song Recommendations: Orphans, Modern Guilt, Soul Of A Man, Profanity Prayers, Youthless, Volcano

Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt, to me, sounds like a mix of two of his previous albums, Sea Change & The Information. It’s kinda of a middle ground. The Information (my favorite Beck album) was very beat-driven. Catchy cool windows down while driving kinda music. Sea Change was his mellow, listen to as I fall asleep, chill album. Both excellent albums. I put this one right in the middle. It seems to have both qualities. Orphans, Soul Of A Man, Replica & Youthless all kindof give off that “The Information” vibe. Where as you can dream away in Volcano and Chemtrails. Nothing really stands out, but like most Beck albums, it takes a few listens for true appreciation. Check it out!



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