pru-review: The Bucket List


Starring: Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman

Nicholson & Freeman. Can ya go wrong? Well, I’m sure some people think so. I was a little skeptical myself. The preview kinda reminded me of that Wild Hogs movie with all the actors whose careers were pretty much in the lower part of their downward slopes (ya know Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy, Ray Liotta). But these guys are not, nor will ever be (I hope), on any kind of downward trend. Their stock just rises with age. Everyone loves Morgan Freeman. Did he do anything before becoming an old man? He’s been 70 for like 30 years. I don’t even want to think of him before the age of 50. And the scariest man ever, thanks to The Shining and Batman, is now a fun loving grandpa, that for some reason likes the Lakers. So can a pairing of these two equal the greatness of two, old, well greats? Nah. But it’s an enjoyable movie. Some laughs, maybe even a tear. Not Oscar worthy, but hey, that doesn’t mean much anymore anyways. Good flick.

Overall Rating: 3 1/2 Prus


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