thursday mix: “Pregbel” Mix


1. Josh Rouse – “Love Vibration”: Cool kinda groovy tune that sounds a lot lie Belle & Sebastian.
2. Mute Math – “Forty”: I downloaded these demos of some early Mute Math. I have never heard this one. YES, actually new material from this group. Crazy I know.
3. Albert Hammond, Jr. – “GfC”: Cool track from the guitarist of The Strokes. This is off of his second solo album that is set to come out next Tuesday.
4. John Mayer – “Everyday I Have The Blues”: Off of John Mayer’s new live album, Where The Light Is, is displays his best side, his blues side.
5. Eddie Vedder – “Hard Sun”: This is solo Eddie Vedder. He did the entire Into The Wild soundtrack. Great movie, with some decent tunes. This is actually the most upbeat track in the movie.
6. Guns N’ Roses – “You Could Be Mine”: Probably my favorite GNR track. I think it’s from Terminator 2. It rocks some stuff.
7. Justin Timberlake – “Damn Girl”: Sorry bout the language folks, but this is the coolest song off of his album. Funky.
8. Eric Clapton – “Five Long Years”: Another blues track–whats come over me. This one is Mr. Clapton showing off his blues side.
9. The Eames Era – “Could Be Anything”: Just a catchy song that I’ve had on my iPod for a while. I’m not sure what its from.
10. Working For A Nuclear Free City – “Kingdom”: Awesome techo-sounding song. Not really techno, but definitely electronic–I don’t know–it’s just good.
11. Built To Spill – “Carry The Zero”: I don’t know much by this group, but apparently they were an Indie group in the 90’s. Scott Witherspoon recommends. I love the guitar parts on this one.
12. Joseph Arthur – “You’re So True”: Chorus is catchy on this one. I am growing tired of this one b/c its from Shrek 2, which Mary Grace watches hourly.
13. Weezer – “The Good Life”: I downloaded Pinkerton this week, and this one stood out as some CLASSIC Weezer.
14. Feist – “My Moon, My Man”: This is a shoutout to Pregbel!!!!


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