pru-review: An Unfinished Life


Starring: Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman

OK I don’t have a lot this one. It was a random rental, based on the cast alone. I will rent anything with Jennif…excuse me…Morgan Freeman. So this one popped up on the ol’ Blockbuster search and here it was. It was OK. Not horrible, but not great. Morgan Freeman did a good job, considering he played a guy that was mauled by a bear. Jennifer Lopez played a semi-crappy actress who used to sing until her career went down the tubes, and who used to be married to Ben Affleck. I think she really related to this character. No no no, that wasn’t it at all…she was married to some old, creepy spanish guy. Anyways, again I’m not sayin its a bad one, just nothin special bout it. It does make you wanna go live in Wyoming. Not really.

Overall Rating: 1 1/2 Prus


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