thursday mix: “100% Yellow, 60% Magenta” Mix


1. Asobi Seksu – “Red Sea”: Pretty cool sound on this song. Kindof like a dreamy-rock pop sound. I like the guitar towards the end.
2. Ludovico Einaudi – “Andare”: I believe this is the first “classical” song I have put on the Thursday mix. It’s mainly piano. It was a free iTunes download last week. Calming, very calming.
3. My Morning Jacket – “Highly Suspicious”: If this isn’t a tribute to Prince, then I don’t know what they were smokin’. Cool song, that sounds nothing like My Morning Jacket.
4. Rosey – “Those Eyes”: Kindof a cross between Norah Jones, Fiona Apple & Amy Winehouse. I like the track.
5. The Helio Sequence – “Hallelujah”: I’m really liking this album. I keep discovering new tracks that I like everytime I listen to it.
6. Switchfoot – “Stars”: Might be Switchfoot’s best song. I actually learned to play this one, b/c I like the riff so much.
7. Iron & Wine – “Sunset Soon Forgotten”: The other day I talked about some of my favorite songs are by Iron & Wine. This is one of them.
8. Harvey Danger – “Flagpole Sitta”: I randomly heard this one the other day on one of those best of the 90’s infomercials. I had to go look this one up. I think it was from some crappy 90’s horror movie. I love the “Paranoia Paranoi, everybodys comin to get me” part
9. Beck – “Chemtrails”: This is the newest song from Beck. I downloaded it this morning. Slow at first, but gets cool about halfway through.
10. Blues Traveler – “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”: Awesome instrumental from Blues Traveler’s Four album. Awesome I tell you!!
11. Ryan Adams – “The Sun Also Sets”: I LOVE the chorus in this song. So dramatic. Again, he’s the greatest songwriter of our generation.
12. Bloc Party – “Sunday”: Good one from an ultra-British group. The part that slows down and gets quiet and leads into an awesome guitar, ROCKS!!
13. Robin Thicke – “Ask Myself”: I got this one from Ben yesterday. I’m likin it. Very similar to Justin Timberlake. Cool funky stuff.
14. Jean-Michel Bernard – “Solitude”: This is actually from “Be Kind Rewind”. Its from a great scene at the end. It sounds kinda like a happy sad song. Ya know? You know.


One Response to “thursday mix: “100% Yellow, 60% Magenta” Mix”

  1. 1 dm

    i had forgotten all about ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly!’ that was the track that first made me take blues traveler seriously. excellent pick! a sad commentary on my own cultural consciousness is that that tune is the only one i have ever heard of on your list.

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