album of the day: The Verve – Urban Hymns


Song Recommendations: Bittersweet Symphony, Lucky Man, This Time, Catching The Butterfly, Weeping Willow

Pretty much a one-hit wonder band. I guess “Lucky Man” was in some movies, but they could never live up to their original HUGE success, “Bittersweet Symphony”. Still one of my favs. Never gets old. They were often confused with The Verve Pipe, and is usually discovered when you pop in The Verve Pipe CD and say to yourself “What is this crap?”. They were kinda an early Coldplay, without the success of course. It’s actually a pretty decent album. I have no idea if they had any more. Wait, I’ll Wiki it real quick, hold on…OK, apparently this was their 3rd album, then they broke up. Get this, they have recently gotten back together and have a new album coming out in August. Crazy. So maybe in the 11 years since this album came out, they’ve come up with some good tracks. I’ll let ya know when it comes out.




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