album of the day: Iron And Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog


Song Recommendations: Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car, The Devil Never Sleeps, Lovesong of the Buzzard, Innocent Bones, Resurrection Fern

South Carolina’s own, Iron & Wine! At least he was raised here. Samuel Beam’s his real name. And this guy has a nice beard goin. Not to mention some great tunes. Definitely not your average sound. I guess he’d be classified as Indie folk. Uses all kinds of folky instruments at least. Acoustic guitars, banjos, all kinds of percussion. Most of his work is very mellow, but this album has a few “upbeat” ones. Vocals give his music that mellow calming sound. Might actually lull you to sleep, like my friend Jennifer. One of my favorite songs is actually from Iron & Wine. It’s “Naked As We Came” from a previous album. I love this one. Very calming. But like I said before this one is actually a little more upbeat, so check it out!




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