album of the day: Radiohead – The Best Of


Song Recommendations: Paranoid Android, The Bends, Let Down, Everything In Its Right Place, High And Dry, Fake Plastic Trees, Planet Telex, My Iron Lung, Lucky, Airbag, The National Anthem, No Surprises, Karma Police, Just

One of the greatest rock bands of our generation, hands down. They sound like no other band, and have been influences to probably most musicians out there today. From the incredible vocals by lead singer Thom Yorke, the incredible percussion of Phil Selway, to the variety of riffs and sounds from their guitars, gives Radiohead a consistently varieties of sounds. Each album has gotten more and more experimental. I personally am a fan of their early albums, such as The Bends and OK Computer. But they definitely have incredible tunes on their “weird albums” as I like to call them, where they turned to a textured electronic sound. One of my favorite tracks is “Everything In It’s Right Place” from Kid A, which portrays their change in sound. Everytime I hear it I think of Vanilla Sky. It gives me that weird but good feeling, just like the movie did. The album before that was OK Computer which goes on my, and many others, list of greatest albums of all time. Every track brought it! This is a good collection and an easy way to get a taste of Radioheads different stylings. Check it out!




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