thursday mix: “Lots of Post-its” Mix

1. Aimee Mann – “31 Today”: 2nd Thursday Mix in a row for her. I really like this song off the new album also. I like the way it opens–funky sound.

2. The Killers – “When You Were Young (REMIX)”: My favorite Killers song remixed. This one progresses pretty cool. Makes me want to bust out my glow sticks.

3. Melody Gardot – “Worrisome Heart”: Cool jazz track that was a free iTunes download a few weeks ago. This chick has an awesome voice.

4. José Gonzalez – “Abram”: I’ve just recently accepted how incredible this dude is. Awesome tracks. Terri did a review of this guy about a month ago. Check him out.

5. The Chords – “Sh-Boom”: Awesome oldies track that I had never heard until Disney’s Cars. It’s that part where he fixes the neon in the town. I’m an expert on this movie b/c my daughter loves this move and I’ve seen it 200 times.

6. Coldplay – “Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love”: My favorite track off the new album. It sounds very U2.

7. Andrew Bird – “Firey Crash”: One of my favorite albums from ’07. Song gets stuck in my head. Today also.

8. Alexi Murdoch – “Orange Sky”: Awesome slow song. Originally heard in The OC. OH YEAH!!

9. Whiskeytown – “Don’t Wanna Know Why”: If you love Ryan (NOT BRYAN) Adams they you will love Whiskeytown (Ryan’s original band).

10. Elton John – “My Father’s Gun”: Apparently I don’t know much about old Elton John. This one is from Elizabethtown, and I was blown away when I found out it was him. Awesome track!

11. The Samples – “Feel Us Shaking”: This is some hardcore early 90’s college music. I ran across it on iTunes the other day and I HAD to buy it.

12. Dave Matthews Band – “Best Of What’s Around (live)”: This is from DMB’s first and best live album, Live at Red Rocks. It’s also a very underrated DMB song. The first track off of Under the Table and Dreaming.

13. Youth Group – “Shadowlands”: Cool indie rock band with kindof a poppish sound. Catchy though. I like.

14. John Mayer – “Say”: I didn’t even know this song existed until I heard it on the radio last week. How did I miss this. I wonder how many time he says the word “say”. If I only had a nickel…I could probably buy this song.



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