give a woot. don’t pollute.


Thanks to my co-worker Megan, I have an obsession. This obsession is a website called I have a link on the right side of this page. This is a website that provides a daily deal on many different items. While most items are electronics, they throw in oddball stuff like 5lbs of pistachios to a cubicle doorbell (which I was bumbed that I missed out on today). All items, no matter what quantity, are $5 shipping. Which rocks. Every month or two they will randomly have a “Woot-Off”. They use this method to clear out some of their leftover inventory and to also reduce the productivity of most of the U.S. office employees (like myself). They will keep putting up deals for a day or so, one item at a time, until it sells out, then another one comes up. Sounds interesting, but why an obsession you ask? WELL. During this “Woot-Off” they will throw in an item titled “Bag of Crap”, yes, “Bag of Crap”. When this shows up, everyone and their brother clicks to buy it, which usually causes their servers to crash. The reason you want a BOC, is b/c they are $1, and $5 shipping. You can buy up to 3. You don’t know what you will get until arrives at your doorstep. People have been known to get HDTVs, Vacuums, Nintendo Wii’s, Computers and other awesome items. Now most people don’t get these items, but anything you get is still more than $8! Check out this site to see what people have gotten ( It’s an awesome and addicting site, and you should check it out now.

P.S. a Woot-Off is happening RIGHT NOW!!


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