album of the day: Joseph Arthur – Our Shadows Will Remain


Song Recommendations: Even Tho, Echo Park, Can’t Exist, A Smile That Explode, Puppets, Devil’s Broom

I’ll admit it. I first heard Joseph Arthur when I was watching Dawson’s Creek. What? Don’t tell me you didn’t think Katie Holmes made it worthwhile to watch that show. This was pre-Cruise. Fine, don’t see where I’m coming from, even though I know you know what I’m talkin about. Anyways, “Honey & The Moon” was the song that got me interested in this guy. Great tune. When listening to his albums I realized that he had a very distinct voice. He uses a lot of voice effects in his songs. Some good harmonies and overdubs. Combined often with some industrial sound and some good percussion, gives him a different flavor. Definitely check out my recommendations. I’ve been a huge fan of these tracks for a few years now. I can listen to them over and over. Check ’em out!





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