OK, As I mentioned in “what to expect from this bloggy blog” I will attempt to write a review of a movie when I watch it. I am in no way professional about this. I can rant occasionally, but I am not a great writer. When I read most reviews my face has the most confused look, that I get afraid it will get stuck like that. Didn’t do great on the grammar portion of the SAT if ya know what I mean. In fact, the biggest word I might us in my reviews could be “adventure”, or “scrumptious”, or “Shia Labeouf” (yeah I just went to Google to look that one up). I only have a Clemson degree people! I will have a special part to both my album and movie reviews–a “Pru-rating” system. It’s a 0-5 scale. For example, Anchorman would get 5 Prus, where as Dr. T & The Women would get 0 Prus (although I may give it a 1/2 Pru for being so stupid that it’s hilarious). With me?



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